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Simon Wakeman
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Simon Wakeman

Working with organisational debt

Technologists often talk about technical debt. It's the accumulation over time of decisions that prioritise short term speed over well-designed code. Technical debt isn't always obvious to those outside the technology realm. But people across the business feel its effects. Technical debt reduces speed to market, agility, stability and quality...

Simon Wakeman

Ultra running & leading scale-ups

Last weekend I finished my first 50 mile ultra run. With 4000 metres of climbing and a lot of mud in England's Lake District, it was the hardest physical challenge I've taken on yet. When running ultra distances every step I run is crucial. How my foot lands and the...

Simon Wakeman

Building a company - introducing the B3 framework

Founders and CEOs talk a lot about scaling businesses, but typically pay a lot less attention to building the organisation that lies behind any successfully scaled business. And when the organisation is talked about, it's often considered in terms of organisational structure, reporting lines and job descriptions. This is just...

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