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I'm Simon - I lead technology-centric growth businesses – working in interim CEO, COO and MD roles to help founders, investors and exec teams achieve their goals. I also work as a consultant, coach and advisor too.

I’ve been working since 1998 so I’ve seen and done a fair bit over the years. I’ve held all sorts of leadership roles spanning delivery, operations, strategy, commercial, marketing, growth and change. More recently I’ve specialised in Chief Operating Officer (COO) roles.

I’ve sold two companies and been involved in buying many more. I’ve worked in and with plenty of different kinds of businesses. Some of them were amazing. And some really sucked. I learnt that with progressive thinking and an open mind, things could be so much better in business.

My mission is to create businesses that combine transformative growth with increasingly regenerative and distributive practices.

You can find out more about my work at

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