I'm driven by a belief that there's always a better way to do things. That passion extends to the puzzle of how we can best organise ourselves for getting work done.

For many people they spend the majority of their time working. Yet many of the ways we design and run businesses are built for a previous era. The time when people could be treated as interchangeable cogs in an organisational machine has passed.

Build is for anyone who has influence in scaling businesses, regardless of their role, to help them think consciously about how we organise ourselves for long term sustainable work together.

It is an exploration of how businesses can scale better - becoming sustainable organisations for the long term, not grown too fast upon weak foundations.

My goal for Build is to explore interesting stories, practices and experiences of scaling businesses, with a focus on progressive and sustainable thinking.

My own journey into progressive organisations and new leadership thinking began in 2014 when I picked up a copy of the newly published Reinventing Organizations. It opened my eyes to the limitations of much of my career learning to date about how to build and lead sustainable, human-centric businesses.

Since then I've taken a progressive slant on the leadership roles I've had and the businesses I've helped shape. I played a big part in transforming a leading UK digital agency from a traditional management to a self-organising model.

The Business Aside launches in January 2023, but you can subscribe now to receive fortnightly emails after launch.

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