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Simon Wakeman
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Simon Wakeman

Where do brilliant teams come from?

If we look at the great teams in the worlds of sport and business, it’s clear they don’t happen by accident. Creating a team that’s able to consistently perform at a high level takes time, effort and intention. Teams need a clear purpose, a shared vision and...

Simon Wakeman

Pastiche in business

I had an initial conversation with a founder recently that stuck with me. The founder told me in detail about the company they were creating. They reeled off several different initiatives and features they'd implemented, proudly highlighting the provenance of these achievements. Old favourites like dedicated time for...

Simon Wakeman

How role definition drives growth

This month I've been working on an interesting project helping a business define roles. For start-ups moving into a scaling phase, founders often wrestle with this. To be able to grow they recognise the need to better define the jobs to be done in the business in the...

Simon Wakeman

Congruence is underrated

Many founders see themselves as visionaries. They hold their ambition for the future they will create and are strongly driven to bring it into reality. They see their energy and drive as core to the creation of a new business. But I'm wondering if self-awareness and competence do...

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